LeapPad is The Ultimate in Learning

The LeapPad is bound to be the Hottest Gift in 2012!  It’s fun and the reports have been astonishing in the amount of response from the kids.
My two boys had the LeapPad1 and enjoyed it no end. But now with LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Gift Pack, I have found my dream in educational games and activities for my two guys. LeapPad 2 comes with extras that I certainly found beneficial. The carrying case is definitely important, particularly if you do any traveling at all, like we do.

I saved money on the free card to download from the App Center. Also included is free access to the online learning path, where I can check in regularly and see how the boys are developing as they explore and learn from the different apps. This version is faster than the LeapPad 1 too!

“LeapPad Activities are the Best!”, he said.

With this LeapPad, you get five apps for the price of the system, and these apps are really incredible. Cartoon Director is my favorite, and I’ve enjoyed the movies my boys have created with this. PetPad teaches how to care for a pet with quite innovative touches. Learning Songs and Art Studio are also two of my oldest son’s favorites.




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Leap Pad is Built Tough

I wouldn’t have even thought about buying LeapPad unless I had seen the reviews about how durable it was. My boys are known for their rambunctious roughhousing and unless something is well built, it won’t survive. Well, this LeapPad2 has survived being dropped uncountable times and banged with the car door.

Kids Learn from LeapPad

For kids from three to nine, learning on the Leap Pad is an ideal way to have fun while gaining important skills and inspiring creativity. I can see where my sons have both progressed nicely in school, and I’m sure it is from the early learning they have had on LeapPad. They have discovered new challenges and fun from this awesome tablet and I highly recommend it!



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